Clarification on 3×3 team at World Beach Games


Kampala, October 14th 2019 –On Sunday October 13th 2019, Uganda’s third player (men) at the World Beach Games got hurt and could not continue in the game against Russia.

Because Uganda only travelled with three players instead of the registered four, only two players could continue with the game and in a gesture of sportsmanship, Russia chose to play with two players for fair competition.

Uganda now has to negotiate the remainder of the tournament with the available two players while the third gets treatment.

For starters Uganda had eight players registered for the event, four for the men and four for the ladies’ team.

Jonathan Egau and Ivan Muhwezi from City Oilers, Fayed Baale and Henry Okoth formed the men’s team.

Unfortunately, City Oilers could not release two of their players since they have the Basketball Africa League Qualifiers to play in Dar el Salam, Tanzania.

FUBA and Oilers reached an agreement and Oilers released Egau for the tournament in Qatar.

The clash of BAL and the Beach Games didn’t help and there was no time to make any changes.

FUBA was left with two options; to send a team of 3 players (men) or withdraw from the event, something that would attract sanctions and fines. A decision was made to send 3 players for the men’s team.

FIBA official event allow you to register only 6 (4 players and 2 substitutes) and you can substitute players up to the last week upon which no change is allowed.

Making a change beyond this date requires you to pay a fee of about $2000.

The organizers only provided a short window to change players and only for MEDICAL REASONS.

Also, they only allowed one Late Athlete Registration (LAR) per team.

The reason for this is administrative because the host have to plan and prepare documentation which includes bookings and VISAS.

In regards to player selection, we need to have a wider pool to select from. For national teams, the four players you register must include two in the top 10 ranking of your nation.

Most of the players selected have actively participated in the local 3×3 events. There is need to encourage many more to take up 3×3 for opportunities to represent the nation.

And for one to qualify to represent the country (in this particular case) they must have a Ugandan passport issued no later than January 1st of the previous year, in this case January 1st 2018.

They must have played two 3×3 events in a year, must have a 3×3 account on and details must have been verified by FIBA.

They must also be within the right age category.

Lastly, as FUBA we wish to applaud Russia for the sportsmanship gesture and also wish Egau a speedy recovery.